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I can provide value to you and your company through the following services:

  • One-stop turn-key design and engineering solutions for your aerospace or consumer products. Full accountability.

  • A vast network of partners that support your project, from advanced conceptual design sketches and renderings to 3D printing and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

  • Systems-engineering approach to designing your product: defining, validating, and verifying adherence to requirements.

  • Conceptual design of your product based on your requirements. Various concept sketches and renderings of your product can be provided to help you choose the right concept for designing and building your design.

  • Selection of the right concept based on study groups, human factors evaluations, and ethnographic research.

  • Preliminary design of your product based on the chosen concept. Use of 3D modelling using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Use of 3D models, prototypes, and mockups to validate form/fit/function. Iterative design in an agile environment to ensure the design does not move forward until you are entirely satisfied.

  • Detailed design of your product, including modelling of all assemblies and hardware and the generation of detailed drawings for manufacturing. Finite Element Modeling and Analysis (FEM/FEA) to ensure safety and structural integrity. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) analysis to ensure manufacturability, reliability, and proper aesthetics. Generation of all documentation required for regulatory compliance.

  • Attention to detail throughout all phases of the design process based on extensive experience of "what can go wrong if it's not done right".

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