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Some of my projects include the development, certification, and sustaining support of consumer and aerospace products:

CAE® 5000 series Full Flight Simulator (FFS) (Project codename: Maple)

I was the senior engineering designer in a team who won a 2007 GOOD DESIGN award for designing and engineering the CAE® 5000 series Full Flight Simulator (FFS). I was particularly proud of the Instructor Operating Station (IOS), which I engineered myself and which had an "S" shaped lip for ergonomics, to allow it to be at the optimal distance from the instructor, regardless of how it (or the instructor) is positioned.

Mechtronix Systems Inc (MSI) Zero Flight Time (ZFT) Full Flight Simulator (FFS)

I was one of a dozen mechanical designers who designed and engineered MSI's first ever full-flight simulator (a Boeing 737NG simulator). We designed the FFS to use simulated/replicated aircraft panels, compared to the competition who used real aircraft parts which were more expensive, allowing MSI to significantly lower manufacturing costs of a FFS, and therefore make it more accessible to airlines and training providers. MSI was since acquired by TRU Simulations, and division of Textron.

I've also worked on numerous brand-name consumer products:

I was one of the engineering designers that helped invent and engineer the WD-40® Smart Straw® spray head, which allows you to get a typical wide spray (for general applications) and a more precise narrow spray (using the straw) with the flick of the straw. For all of you that have a can of WD-40 in your garage, you'll never lose that pesky straw anymore because it's now part of the spray head!

Motorola® M990 Car Phone

I know... A car phone sounds so 1993, but this was a high-end car phone designed in the early 2000s for limos and businessmen who still needed separate car phones. It was (and still is) the best car phone around, and I was senior mechanical designer on that project.

All the details about this phone were designed to perfection, from the rounded rubbery number keys to the amazing feel of the jog wheel... We used a lot of 3D printed mockups to test everything and optimize the design while still adhering to Motorola's ultra-strict engineering standards.

Just like the highly regulated world of aerospace, I also have experience in design and engineering of medical devices:

TMI® Disposable Surgical Eyeshields

Surgeons had been complaining that the eyeshields they wear during surgeries weren't very comfortable, didn't fit well and snug, and were outright ugly and unattractive. With the help of a fellow designer and an ergonomist, I engineered a set of more ergonomic and definately sexier eyeshields that are also stackable for ease of storage/packaging. You just pull the flat assembly form the box and pivot the shields into the frame and they're ready for use. What was fun about this project was that I got to make multiple 3D printed models to validate the ergonomics and fit on various users, and make iterative improvements to the design along the way until it was perfect.

I was part of the engineering team who designed the Assure Controls QwikLite® 200 Biosensor System which allows scientists around the world to use a single-use disposable test cartridge kit to quickly test for contaminants and perform toxicity assessments.  It works using the science of bioluminescent plankton which emit a visible blue-green light when they experience a shear force in the ocean, and what's even more cool is I was actually able to experience this amazing effect in real life in one of the 5 places where this phenomenon occurs: at the Blue Lagoon in Falmouth, Jamaica.