About ME


Since a young age, I've been fascinated with design and engineering. My passion is aviation, and I grew up designing all kinds of gadgets and tinkering with electronics and other do-it-yourself projects... Naturally, I pursued my studies in Mechanical Engineering with the Aerospace Option from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, so I haven't stopped learning...


The early part of my career was spent designing and engineering flight simulators. I then started consulting in industrial design and engineering for all types of aerospace projects and consumer products. I eventually opened my own consulting firm, HyeProfile Inc.

I currently work in airworthiness engineering management for a large transport category jet aircraft manufacturer, Bombardier, and I do part-time consulting on the side, to keep myself busy.

Here's what my clients say sets me apart from the competition:


"Hagop is a free-thinker who can find creative solutions to the toughest problems..."

"Hagop is inspired by product development, and experienced in creative design and engineering of innovative aerospace/commercial/consumer products, as well as project & risk management for aeronautical and industrial programs, especially those requiring regulatory certification."


"Hagop is an excellent communicator and relationship builder with a natural ability to work well with a broad range of individuals from various backgrounds."

"Hagop can quickly adapt to any company culture and seamlessly integrate into any team, large or small."

"Hagop is experienced in customer, supplier, and government relations."


"Hagop is experienced in design, development, conceptualization, prototyping, engineering, production, go-to market, and sustainment activities for a broad range of products, from complex aerospace projects to miniature electronic consumer products."

"Hagop has vast knowledge of state-of-the-art engineering methods and the latest industrial design applications, rapid prototyping, production and manufacturing processes."

"Hagop has access to knowledgeable partners and a large network of freelance designers/engineers/consultants that can be quickly deployed to any project."


"Hagop is able to manage a team or project in any environment, be it for a large multinational company with complex processes and many stakeholders, to small enterprises with tight deadlines."

"Hagop is a natural leader who takes charge of the most complex challenges of his projects."

" People follow Hagop's lead naturally. Hagop is able to adapt quickly to most corporate cultures or project requirements."


"Hagop is a sharp, focused, motivated, and a well-known and proven top performer who can get the job done and meet tough and challenging deadlines."

"Hagop is a team player who is a valuable asset to any company or project."


I lead an active lifestyle and immerse myself deeply into everything that I do. Here are some of my favourite hobbies and sports: